Hannah and Madison

Hannah and Madison
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Friday, March 25, 2011

I love it when they still show they "need" me.....

I have to go to Chicago tonight for one night.  Miche bag is having a convention that my group is going to attend.  Hannah has been pretty anxious for a couple of days now.  "When are you going?"......and, "Is the weather supposed to be ok?"....are just some of her questions.  (She's nervous about weather whenever we won't be around....and even when we are around!).  Hannah has a lot of little fears.  I regularly work at providing comfort to her by sharing truth about how God cares for us and that we have to trust Him for all things.  Sometimes she'll wake in the night with these fears.  It breaks my heart.  But it also gives me tender moments to bond with her in ways that might not otherwise be so readily available.  Laying with her...rubbing her back while I talk to her about God's perspective on life, fears and concerns brings about a closeness between us that might not otherwise be achieved.  It's special for us.  I hope Hannah grows steadily in trusting God for her fears.  He is trustworthy.  In the meantime, I'll continue to rub her back, sing, "As the deer" to her and talk to her about God.  I'm so thankful He provides all we need!  "You alone are my strength my shield:  to You alone may my spirit yield"

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