Hannah and Madison

Hannah and Madison
Soccer stars....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring has sprung.....ready or not!

The Jones family just LOVES spring!  Finally, after a long winter, we can dust off the tennis rackets, check out the bike situation, and bring out the roller blades!  The newness of life, all fresh and clean, reminds me of what Jesus did for us!  Washed us clean with His precious blood!  What a precious analogy of the newness of life in Him!

I was so far behind on yard work!  I never raked in the fall, so dead, composting leaves were all over the yard.  I thought I was doomed, but then we had a nice, dry spell, which made for an easy rake over the yard!  (Thanks Honey!)  Now, planting was at hand to bring some color to our green, green, green yard!  I was so ready to plant some flower baskets that I was out at 9:00 at night, with no light.  The next morning I discovered one oddly placed flower in the middle of another basket of a different kind!  It made me giggle!  We're never perfect in this life, just like that oddly placed flower.  I will try to use this analogy to help the girls understand better the free gift that Jesus gave;  the Perfect Lamb dying for the imperfect.  He took us, not when we were already clean, but had to make us clean!  I'm so grateful for that free gift, and I try to take every opportunity I see to show the girls about what He did for me.....and for them!  Oh the newness of life that came with that gift!  Sin no longer has a hold over me!  I am a new creation....just like the newness of spring....