Hannah and Madison

Hannah and Madison
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let the training continue

Olivia is continuing to train her body for the purpose of running a better and better 400m race....She is starting to buffet her body for the purpose of athletics.  But today we had training of another kind;  training that is much more painful than any "hills" workout....I'm talking about the buffeting of the body that leads to righteousness.  I have been trying to share my own sin struggles with the girls to let them know that everything they struggle with is not uncommon to my fleshly vessel.  And those same struggles were not uncommon to our perfect Saviour.  He knows everything that we go through in this life and is here for us.  AMAZING!  When we're in the "heat" of the fire, however, it's not so easy to see that, "Mama has made these same kinds of sin choices....I understand."  or that Jesus wants us to look more and more like Him, "and dying to our flesh is painful".  The things we want to do we can no longer do if we want to please our Master.  He deserves it all.....no matter what the price.

I hope I can teach them by example more and more.  It is, after all, the most effective learning tool I have!  I desire to show them Jesus by my life more than simply "telling" them how to live the Christian life.  I pray each day that Jesus will give me more and more of HIS wisdom...and less and less of mine.  The world wants to swallow them up....I won't let that happen willingly.....

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