Hannah and Madison

Hannah and Madison
Soccer stars....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Are they really twins?

From the beginning, Hannah and Madison have been as different as night is to day.  As you can see from this photo, their physical differences are tremendous....but it doesn't stop there!  I love that I have two completely different children who just happened to be born at the same time!  Hannah is more cuddly and sensitive.  Madison is more independent and out-going.  We just got measured and at 11 years of age Hannah measured 5' 7" while Madison came in at 4' 11".  As you can see, Hannah looks more like her daddy than Madison....guess she got his height genes as well....
This is them at 4 1/2 years getting ready to play soccer.  Hannah was more nervous about doing something wrong....but oh those long legs could run!  Madison was so aggressive she was stiff-arming other little kids and scored like 9 goals her first game....how she loves sports!  Her greatest goal is to do everything well.  It's not an easy lot in life, to have that internal drive.  Failure is not an option in her book.  She will have many lessons along the way.  I work to try to teach her that God cares more about what is in our hearts and how we treat others, than how smart we are, or if we are the best volleyball player around.  It will be fun to see what they desire to become in this life.  Hannah talks about being a wife, mom and beautician; admirable jobs all.  Madison has the goal of being a veterinarian (at this early stage).  She says she only wants to adopt babies, because "childbirth is too painful".  I remember being there when I was young--afraid of the unknown.  It's great to be able to comfort their hearts with truth from God's word.  Motherhood comes in so many different ways throughout the day....I'm learning to mother in different "ways" with each of my girls.  They're as different as night and day....and I wouldn't want them any other way!

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